ANPR CCTV Automatic Number Plate Recognition Cameras

West Midlands Police have once again invested in a state-of-the-art technology to capture vehicle number plates and occupants travelling through Birmingham City Centre.  
  • Custom Designed Cantilever Arms
  • Police National Computer Linked
  • Birmingham City Centre Security
  • Complete Turnkey Installation
  • Instant Results 100 Alerts In the First Hour
  • High Speed Pan & Tilt Cameras

ANPR CCTV (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) cameras have been installed in and around Birmingham City Centre linked by high-speed fibre connections to West Midlands Police Control Room, together with high-speed Pan & Tilt cameras at each location, with specialist high magnification zoom lenses to monitor and follow suspect vehicles through the City Centre.  

Instant Results With Over 100 Alerts Within the First Hour

All images captured by the cameras are sent via fibre connections to ANPR servers backed-up by on-line UPS power supplies located within the communications room, where they are read and interpreted.

Vehicles that are known to have history against them are flagged as "alerts" through a direct connection to the UK wide DVLA and Police National Computer (PNC) data centres where all information is stored. Once an "alert" is received the system sends an immediate screen shot to one of several 50" plasma display screens located within the control room, displaying the vehicle number plate, an overall image of the vehicle and its occupants, together with full details of the alert, listing the nature of the suspected incident or other historical data kept on the vehicle.

From the moment the cameras were connected to the control room, over twelve thousand vehicles were recorded with nearly one hundred "alerts" within the first hour and over one hundred and thirty thousand vehicles within a twenty-four hour period, the numbers speak for themselves.

Complete Turnkey Project Managed Installation

Due to the high volume of vehicles travelling through the main arterial routes of the City Centre, specially designed and constructed cantilever arms were custom designed by EDS for the client and are one of the first in the UK.

The cantilever arms have been designed to swing through ninety degrees of rotation, allowing maintenance work to be carried out whilst working alongside the footpath, as opposed to closing off very busy lanes of traffic, minimising any Health & Safety risks and without gridlocking the City Centre.

The cantilever arms were designed to allow dual ANPR cameras to be projected directly above each lane and provide accurate reading of vehicles as they pass underneath.

Mark Darlaston, Managing Director of EDS, takes up the story:

"The project lead time was extremely tight given only twelve weeks from approval of the specialist cantilever arms to hand over date, the project was a complete turnkey installation with EDS managing the entire project providing for civil engineering works, traffic management, installation of the fibre networks, together with a dedicated power supply to each location".

"The installation went extremely smoothly, within budget and delivered on-time, everything worked out exactly as planned with every detail being checked and double checked, we could not afford to get anything wrong, given the very high profile nature of the project and the environment we were working within. I am extremely proud of what we have achieved in a very short amount of time".

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