Garden Art - Sculptures

Structurally sound Sculptures/Garden Art


EDS have the in-house skills and expertise to bring your garden to life with one of our sculptures. We can fabricate virtually any design and can finish these in a range of colours/coatings or we can offer stainless steel and other material finishes.

Either bring a design to our attention or work with our design team to build from the ground up. Our years of experience fabricating and designing products makes us one of the most efficient places in the UK to work with..  

  • Artistic Sculpture
  • Suitable for prolonged outdoor exposure
  • Bespoke or Custom Design
  • Experienced Fabrication Services
  • Stunning visual Potential
  • Complementary to existing environments

Simple, Minimal, Beautiful

Designs can be as simple or as complex as you imagine them, we can take the creative lead and offer you a selection of options or work with you to develop something you want to create. Beautiful and elegant; our designs are complementary to your space and have the potential to add value to your garden.

Virtually any design is possible..  

  • Flexible design options
  • A range of materials are available
  • Tailored to fit any Garden
  • Visually stunning

Be inspired and create your space


Work with EDS today and we promise an industry leading customer experience, from conception to delivery our team are ready to put your needs at the forefront.

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