Integrated Automated Security

Bespoke fully integrated security and safety systems installed at Kigali Airport, comprising of Automated Hanger Doors

Kigali Airport - Integrated Precision Automation

Kigali Airport had a need for a bespoke security solution with an appropriate endurance level to cope with a very high volume of usage. EDS designed, manufactured and rapidly installed an attractive system that integrates tightly with the transport operators systems and offers precise control to the airport. The project required off peak installation to minimise disruption.

  • Bespoke Hanger Door Solutions
  • Full design manufacture install and support
  • Highly Durable and Precision Enigneering
  • Automation and Security
  • Manufactured to an exacting specification
  • Working around customer available times

Inside View of the Presidents Hanger

A high level of attention to detail was required to tailor our solution accurately to the environment

The whole process of manufacturing, transports, logistics has to be organised with extreme precion to allow the work to be carried out effeciently. - Another successful project from the team at EDS. Understanding this demanding sector and our customers/users needs is key to our ongoing design and delivery success.

The EDS Container being off loadding at Kigali Airport, containing all the specailist parts, equipment and tools to allow our engineers to complete the installation.

Some of the parts and system in the EDS Factory in Birmingham UK following Manufacturing

The systems specification was 'endurance designed' from the ground up, with all automation products manufactured in the EDS Factory some 6000 miles away.
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