ANPR - Automatic Number Plate Recognition Systems

ANPR Cameras

ANPR Automatic Number Plate Cameras

The number of installations of Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) systems for public safety has dramatically increased over the last few years, as it has proved to be a leading edge technology in the fight against crime.


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ANPR Cameras

ANPR Automatic Number Plate Cameras

The ANPR system is simple in principle in that it captures all vehicle data at a given time and date, such as registration numbers, details of the vehicle make, model, year, colour etc, together with overview images of vehicles and occupants. This information is then fed into a database which analyses the information and carries out transactions based on predetermined actions, i.e in the case of a Police linked system the vehicle can be checked for Tax, MOT, Insurance, whether the vehicle or its occupants are "wanted" etc and take appropriate action.  

ANPR - CCTV Cameras That Detect Numberplates

ANPR Cameras

ANPR Automatic Number Plate Cameras

Not only national Police and Security forces across the UK and globe utilising this technology, but as it has now become more affordable organisations large and small are now realising the real benefits of employing this type of technology.

Organisations can now employ this technology to verify vehicles entering a premises and allow or disallow access or only allow access to certain areas of a facility. The system can also be personalised to allow corporate visitors feel welcome; a client visits a suppliers premises the clients vehicle registration number can be entered into the system prior to them attending site, once the client arrives at the facilities gatehouse the ANPR system reads the vehicle registration number and a display shows "Welcome Mr Johnson, please park in bay 12" etc or whatever message you wanted to display.

ANPR systems can easily be integrated into existing public space CCTV systems and provides a cost effective method of deploying ANPR technology. Additional use can be derived from existing infrastructure that is already in place, thus realising an immediate cost saving.

Existing CCTV systems can switch between crime and disorder systems and ANPR systems by the use of built-in technology and 'preset' controls within the CCTV system, therefore hot spots can be created to target specific areas of a city centre, for example a busy carriageway to check for stolen vehicles or vehicles without tax or insurance etc.

The ANPR system will provide automatic visual and audible alarms when a captured vehicle registration number matches that on the systems databases. All activities are recorded to include the vehicle registration number, an overview of the vehicle together with any tagged information appertaining to that vehicle. The system database can be searched post event to locate certain movements of vehicles at certain times, as long as the vehicle has been captured the images and relevant information will be stored within the database.

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ANPR Cameras

ANPR Automatic Number Plate Cameras

ANPR Automatic Number Plate Recognition Cameras

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