Gate Closers

Pedestrian Gate Closers

Can be installed to automatically close a pedestrian door or side entrance door, installed where a conventional door closer would not be suitable and provide more control and reliability than that of a spring.  

  • Prevent Unauthorised Access
  • Manual Stand Alone Operation
  • Automatically Close Pedestrian Gates
  • All Weather Operation

Self Closing Gate Closers

The Gate Closer can be installed onto most external gates and will provide a smooth, accurate and controlled closing action enabling the closer to be used safely in a number of applications, such as schools, nurseries or care homes as well as homes, offices and commercial applications, the gate can be can be controlled smoothly without the slamming action of a conventional spring, which could potentially trap and injure limbs.

Add to this the safeguard of the fact that because the gate is reliably and safely closed then there is little danger of unauthorised access or in the case of schools, children wandering out of the gate, coupled with an access control system to control access and providing electric locking of the gate, a very simple yet effective access point can be controlled.

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