Knightsbridge London - Rising Gate

EDS were commissioned to design, manufacture and install a novel variation on our bespoke rising gate products range. This Knightsbridge London site, required an integrated pedestrian door, which was also to rise out of the ground as part of a the structure of a traditional looking, half height vehicle gate.

  • Industry first product
  • Bespoke design
  • Integrated pedestrian access
  • Automation/Access control integration
  • Design, manufacture, install and support

EDSUK bespoke rising gate with integrated pedestrian access.

Designed to be in keeping with the location, the solution still manages to be a head turner in operation. The final design allowed EDS to make the automation and access control a very discreet solution which complements the historic environment.

Rising Bespoke Automatic gate  - Electronic Locking pedestrian Access

"Fully Up" our rising gate with pedestrian access is a very discreet solution.

Implementation of the customers requirements went very smoothly and the project rapidly evolved into an end product. The fit and finish are (as planned) to a very high standard, which was tailored to the exact surroundings..

Rising Bespoke Automatic gate  - Electronic Locking pedestrian Access

EDS handled architectural planning for the site along with the customers representatives.

Rising Bespoke Automatic gate  London Knightsbridge

Designed fitted and finished to suit this attractive area of London.

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