Perkins Engines required a solution to their requirements for external pedestrian access control, with a demanding turn around time and some challenging technical/logistical requirements, including provision for over 600 users, the team at EDS needed to respond quiickly and accurately.

  • Access Control
  • Full Height Turnstiles
  • Wireless Server Access
  • Bespoke solution
  • Integration consultancy
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EDS were asked to develop an integrated system for controlling pedestrian flow, in a warehouse environment. We created a bespoke solution based on the edsukbap8 pedestrian barrier gates, modified to integrate a maglock (Electronic locking) mechanism with a control unit for Roller Shutter Doors and a set of Traffic Lights. This system improved safety in a busy walkway/warehouse area.

  • Integrated Electronic locking
  • Roller Doors
  • Traffic Lights/Traffic Management
  • Maglock Electronic Locking
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We have Designed/Developed and Installed an ultrawide (24 meter) Telescopic Sliding set of gates, these were installed for FiberLine in the UK. The gates have 3 (8 meter) stages of deployment and are designed with a precision movement.

  • Telescopic Sliding Automatic Gates
  • 3 Stage deployment
  • Galvanised Finish
  • 24 Meter Opening
  • 8 Meter "Open" Run back
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