Marstons Brewery Integrated Systems

EDS have recently been appointed to carry out the installation of a multi-security system installation at their main transportation site in Wolverhampton.

The remit was as follows:  

  • Record all Events on Site
  • Log all Users Entering & Leaving Site
  • Integration of All Systems
  • Automation of the Main Entrance Gates
  • Remote Monitoring from Head Office
  • Comply with Working Time Directive
State-of-the-Art Integrated Technology was installed to digitally capture vehicles entering and leaving the site, together with a PC operated Access Control and Audio Intercom systems to verify all visitors to the site, this together with fully automating the twin sliding gates at the main entrance at the property, provided a complete turnkey package for the client.  

High Speed Dome Cameras

High Speed Dome Cameras were mounted at strategic locations around the site to help Security Personnel monitor all events throughout the day and night. Pre-set views are configured within each of the dome cameras to allow security personnel to carry out an electronic visual "tour" of the site, allowing one person to do the job of three or four people on the ground.

All images captured by the high-speed dome cameras are connected to a high quality Digital Recorder capturing near real-time images and displayed on large format 21" high resolution monitors within the Control Room.

Integrated Technology

The twin sliding security gates are operated by proximity readers mounted adjacent to the gates or via security personnel from within the Control Room, select members of staff have the ability to remotely open the gates with vehicle mounted transmitters, whilst other members of staff are issued with keyfob tags to allow access at pre-programmed times.

All events are logged on the local PC with the times and dates of all personnel, providing a true record for contractual and legislative purposes for time keeping and working time directive.

Audio communications is established by telephone style handsets located within the Control Room and communicate with the entrance gates, using one of the presets on the Dome cameras to verify the caller.

Captured Within the First Day of Operation

Marstons Brewery Logistics Manager Des McCauley comments...

Within the first day of operation Security officers successfully captured the images of criminals breaking into the maintenance depot with the evidence being passed to the Police for prosecution purposes. The site is a truly 24hrs operation with Draymen loading their vehicles from 3am in the morning, security of our product is second to none, not only to prevent theft, but also to prevent anybody tampering with the product, the systems worked well.

EDS's Chris Parkes Chief Engineer Comments...

"Time was of the essence with this particular project as the existing site that the Brewery occupied had been sold and over a hundred vehicles were due to be housed within the new site. Throughout the project we provided updates to the Client on a regular basis for the planning and implementation of the works and the likely timescales involved, allowing him to plan his schedules accordingly."   Please download the case study at the foot of the page. Download PDF

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