Perkins Engines - Pedestrian Access Control - Full Height Turnstiles

EDS were required to deliver a solution to an interesting access control problem, on a very demanding timescale. Perkins Engines needed an "all in one" access control solution, for an external location, preferably without wired networking and to service around 600 users. With a demanding target to commision by 12:00 on a Friday, having agreed the final specification Thursday morning. The skilled team at EDS ploughed resources into the task as soon as the go ahead was given, overcoming all the required technical and logistical hurdles. As promised the site installation team and turnstiles were on site by 08:00am ready for a comprehensive safety induction from the team at Perkins.The required integration went flawlessly.

  • Access Control
  • Full Height Turnstiles
  • Wireless Server Access
  • Bespoke solution
  • Integration consultancy

EDSUK Full Height Turnstile External - Access Control Solution

Dual, Full Height, Access Controlled, External Turnstiles operating via a wireless network..

The integration included coordination between multiple contractors and vendors, full project scoping/management was organised by the team at EDS, with delivery, installation and transport also handled by us. The access control system was pre programmed to the clients specifications, commisioning and handover were accomplished within the alotted meeting time and guidance on usage, reporting, backup and operational requirements has been made available on an ongoing basis.

Full Height Access Controlled Turnstile Solution - From the secure side

Viewing the solution from secure side. Note the "external ready" design of the networking and access control solution.

Full programming and support for the onsite access control server has been delivered by EDS, with training for the Perkins Engines system operatives included as part of the package, which hasĀ guaranteed another successful EDS project for a major commercial customer, with demanding requirements.

Access Control System Software - Illustrative - 01
Access Control System Software - Illustrative - 02

Access Control Server - communicating with ACU/Door controller units.

Event viewing on the Access Control Server.

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