QA - Tensor - Full Height Turnstiles with Bespoke Automated Pedestrian Door and Access Control

When the training and education provider QA needed a bespoke solution for access control in their Cheltenham site they turned to EDS, we were tasked with designing the system from beginning to end. EDS Designed, Manufactured and Installed a bespoke solution based on the EDSUKTFHT9400 full height turnstiles, to also include a fully automated pedestrian access door. The installation is integrated with the QA's access control system and was delivered on time and within budget.

  • Access Control
  • Full Height Turnstiles
  • Bespoke Integration
  • Automated Pedestrian Door
  • Manufactured, Supplied and Installed

EDSUK Full Height Turnstile External - Access Control Solution

Full height turnstiles and integrated automated pedestrian door, with access control.

To deliver the solution, EDS were required to coordinate between multiple contractors and vendors, full project scoping/management was organised by the team at EDS, with delivery, installation and transport also handled by us. The access control solution was integrated with the clients existsing systems, with the solution tested on site and commissioned.

Automated pedestrian door/access control, on site testing.

Full programming and support for the bespoke access control solution has been delivered by EDS; this hasĀ guaranteed another successful EDS project for a major education provider.

Full Turnstile and Door Assembly - 01
Access Control System Software - Illustrative - 02

Illustrative assembly diagram for full height turnstile with integrated automated pedestrian door and access control system.

Event viewing on the Access Control Server.

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