Rising Car Lift

Underground Car Lift

The Rising Car Lift, is the ideal solution for space limited parking areas, where access to a lower parking level is required or where security is paramount. .

Our Rising Car lifts can solve parking density problems by allowing stacking of parking spaces and moving vehicles from one level to another.

EDS are able to supply and install home car lifting solutions, offering bespoke design for your parking needs.

  • Secure vehicles
  • Increase parking density
  • Vehicle access at dissimilar levels
  • Integrate into Any Access Control System

Bespoke Car Lift - fitting in with the surroundings

The rising car lift can be tailored to fit neatly with the surroundings in your environment, as an aesthetically pleasing feature that can be hardly noticed.
Increase your parking space.

Car Basement lift

Our underground/rising car lifts allow simple and secure access to different levels of parking. This can be desirable for a range of reasons: high security, access to basement area parking or aesthetic considerations.


Main Features

  • Versatile: the rising car lift is suitable for every residential scenario
  • Can easily be installed inside an existing garage, or on the driveway.
  • The platform can be customised to fit various scenario widths/lengths
  • Roof cover suitable for tiling applications appearance can match the existing environment.
  • Highly stable mechanical design.

Bespoke to your requirements

As a Bespoke Engineering Solutions provider EDS work with you to develop a system suitable for your requirements.
Our experience on previous projects have included the following specialist solutions:

Contact us today for more information on custom underground/rising car lift systems.

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