Access Control Systems

EDS has a range of Access Control Systems and solutions to protect your people, premises and environment, giving you full control over your facilities. Ensuring your building is secure and tracking who enters, when, and where they go is paramount in today's society, given the increase security risks from around the globe.

Our systems are tailored to individuals and organisation needs, we carry out a full site survey to identify what solution would best fit your application, then design a system to suit your needs today and the foreseeable future, allowing for expansion of the systems as you grow.

If it's simply Access Control System for a front door to control people movement over your UK wide facilities, EDS can provide the Access Control System to suit your requirements.

From 1 to 30,000 doors, from 1 to 1,000,000 employees in different offices, in different countries we have the facilities, technical excellence to pull it all together, allowing you to control the entire system from either a single or multiply points of control.  

  • Simple Audio & Video Entry Systems
  • Protect Your Environment
  • Secure, Monitor & Control your Site
  • Time & Attendance - Clock Systems
  • From 1 To 1,000,000 Employees
  • Full Audit Trails of All Movements
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Access Control Card Key Systems

Key Card Systems, Card Key Systems, Swipe Card Systems, whatever name you choose, these systems are simple yet highly effective. The basic principles behind the system comprises of a Front Desk Unit (FDU) which programs the cards to the doors, an electronic lock with an electronic processing device within the body of the lock and a programmable magnetic card.

The system work in real time and a card is programmed to a specific door or group of doors, forming a secure partnership. The card is programmed with the amount of time you want the partnership to remain active or live and that's it.  

  • Key Card Systems
  • Swipe Card Systems
  • Simple, Yet Cost Effective
  • Card Key Systems
  • Access Controlled Doors
  • Reliable Technology
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Access Control Biometrics

Unlike keys, electronic swipe cards, proximity cards, chip and pin cards, or keypad number sequences, access through a biometric reader cannot be transferred from person to person unless explicitly authorized, it is unique, which is what makes biometric readers and biometric technology more secure.  

  • Increase Security & Reduce Costs
  • Incorporate into any Security System.
  • Stand Alone Biometric System
  • Highly Secure Technology
  • Trusted & Reliable Technology
  • Networked Multi-User Biometric System
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Automatic Door Openers & Closers

Electromechanical drive systems for swing doors that are particularly suitable for installation on narrow profiles and in situations where space is at a premium.

With a range of highly compact operators; it will move large and heavy internal and external doors easily and with virtually no noise. The quiet operation is achieved by using a low-noise direct current motor and gears with direct power transmission to the door leaf with the help of the rod assembly/guide rail.

Reliable operation of the drive is achieved with a maintenance-free high performance motor with low wear characteristics and state-of-the-art control technology.  

  • Highly Reliable Door Operators
  • Manual Operation with Automatic Facility
  • Range of Safety Features Available
  • Fit to New or Existing Doors
  • DDA Compliant
  • Link to Access Control Systems
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CCTV Camera Hire

Employee and staff collaboration is a major factor affecting organisations. EDS has many years experience in providing covert/hidden CCTV camera systems giving the client the evidential information needed to act upon, with excellent results which can be used in a Court of Law.

EDS have extensive knowledge in the way the criminals operate in carrying out fraudulent activities, from monitoring the on-site antics of security personnel to the monitoring of teams of staff collaborating together to defraud a company.

Covert CCTV provides an unbiased view of the events as they occur and is operational 24Hrs a day, every day. Covert CCTV can be used in such areas as; health & safety breaches, employment legislation, staff thefts & stock shortages, missing funds, abuse of company materials, equipment, plant or services without authority, loss of earnings, missing plant or equipment, company data or information being sold to competitors.  

  • Covert CCTV Hire
  • Short Term CCTV Hire
  • Plain Vehicles
  • High Quality Digital Images
  • Totally Discreet Service
  • Out of Hours Installation Service
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ANPR Cameras

ANPR Automatic Number Plate Cameras

The number of installations of Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) systems for public safety has dramatically increased over the last few years, as it has proven a leading edge technology in the fight against crime.


  • ANPR - Automatic Numberplate
  • CCTV Cameras That Read Numberplates
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CCTV Camera Systems & Digital CCTV IP Technology

CCTV Digital Technology

We are able to provide cost effective Digital Technology Systems from single camera units to multi-site systems linked to organisations own computer networks and websites, controlling any amount of cameras around the globe with a simple click of a button, with all the quality and reassurance of Digital Technology.

From Fixed Cameras to Pan & Tilt & Dome Cameras with powerful zoom lenses capable of picking out a number plate at distances greater than a mile away, we have the technology, resources and in-house skills to meet your requirements.  

  • Digital Technology
  • Multi Site Networked Systems
  • ANPR Automatic Number Plate Reading
  • Turnkey Projects
  • From Concept to Completion
  • Integration to Other Technologies
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Intruder Alarm Systems

EDS have a range of Intruder Alarms Systems designed for use in the widest of applications, from residential systems to small and large businesses and organisations with multi-site high security applications such as banks and financial institutions.


  • Insurance & Police Approved Systems
  • Highly Reliable Systems
  • Cost Effective Security Solutions
  • Virtually Eliminated False Alarms
  • Dependable Technology
  • Police Calling Systems
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PA - Public Address Systems

PA Tannoy Systems

The ability to transmit sound.

From a simple PA system to call employees or making announcements to the customer, or a background music system from a radio or CD source, to a fully integrated display system, or integrated Voice Evacuation system, EDS have the solutions.  

  • PA - Public Address Systems
  • Voice Alarms & Audio Annunciation
  • Background Music Systems
  • Multimedia Displays & Broadcasting
  • Emergency Alarms & Intercoms
  • Messaging Systems
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Fire Alarm Systems

EDS offers a range of comprehensive Fire Detection Systems - either networked or stand alone systems - for small, large, single or multi-site systems.

EDS can design, install, commission, maintain, service and monitor your Fire Alarm systems using the latest technologies and employing our many years expertise in the field. Fire alarm monitoring is provided through our secure monitoring centre ensuring rapid response to any alarm activation 24-hours a day, giving instant response to emergency services, Police, Fire & Ambulance Authorities, Guards, Keyholder's etc.  

  • Insurance Approved Systems
  • Fire Brigade Response Systems
  • Peace of Mind Protection
  • Cost Effective Security Solutions
  • Dependable Technology
  • Property & Life Protection
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Security & Safety Monitoring Services

EDS Employ one of the largest and most secure Control Centres in the UK, approved to BS5979, ISO 9000, LPS, ACPO, NSI/NACOSS Standards.

Constructed to BS5979 with 12" thick concrete walls, with an airlock door facility into and out of the control room, making this control room virtually impregnable, with back-up power generators, gas detection monitoring, higher air pressure to prevent gassing the control room, personal attack, intrusion and perimeter protection systems all backed up by CCTV, connected by a dedicated Police link.  

  • Monitors your Premises 24hrs a Day
  • Peace of Mind Security
  • Dedicated Monitoring Facility
  • Highly Trained Operators
  • Secure Airlock Doors Access
  • 12" Thick Concrete Walls
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EAS Electronic Article Surveillance Tagging

Shoplifting poses an ever-increasing threat to retailers, upto 20% of your total profit could be being lost through shoplifting, the control of shoplifting & deterrence can have a direct effect on your bottom line, making the difference between success & failure.

One of the most effective means of controlling shoplifting has been the use of security tagging systems, also known as electronic article surveillance (EAS), the best of these systems can dramatically reduce shoplifting levels, acting as a powerful deterrent to casual theft whilst also frustrating the professional shoplifter.  

  • Designed for City Centres Environments
  • No Damage to Products
  • Easy to Attach to Products
  • Virtually Zero False Alarms
  • High Detection Rates
  • Display More Stock Freely
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Warden & Nurse Call Systems

EDS designs and installs Nurse & Warden call systems for professional care institutions, sheltered housing accommodation and residential homes.

We have a comprehensive range of easy to use products, with calls being made from individual rooms, WC's, communal areas etc by simply pressing a button or pulling a cord, through to wireless remote systems with voice transmission and location finding technology.

Mobile calls can be made by clients utilising either a neck or clip-on belt worn personal transmitters emergency unit.  

  • State of the Art Care Systems
  • Page Facility - All Call Points
  • Wireless Remote Systems
  • Hands Free Two-Way Audio Communication
  • Full Event Details for the Carer
  • Multi Level Alarms
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Waiting Room Doctors Call System

The Digital Patient Management System is unique as it brings together in one package many of the low voltage electronic systems required in a modern health centre or GP surgery.

It combines a patient call system with a panic alarm system; solid state voice announcement; receptionist public address system; disabled WC panic alarms; background music input; wait/enter indicators and an output to induction hearing loops.

It fully complies with the Disability Discrimination Act and it meets the NHS patient confidentiality directive. The system is available in wired, wired/radio and radio only versions.  

  • Multiple Patients Per Room
  • Inform your Clients - Easily
  • Modular Based - Expand as Required
  • Interface to Music or PA Systems
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Induction Loop Audio Systems

Audio-frequency induction loop systems (AFILS) allow hearing impaired people to hear more clearly.

Most hearing aids have a "T" or "MT" switch which allows them to pick up the electromagnetic field generated by an induction loop system. The hearing aid converts this signal into a sound suited to its user's specific hearing requirements.

Any person with a hearing aid positioned within or near the loop can hear the loop signal by switching their hearing aid to the correct position, allowing them to participate more effectively in general conversation, ordering goods or services, listening to public performances, etc.  

  • Improve Customer & Visitor Experience
  • User Firendly Controls
  • Advanced Audio Signal Processing
  • Hearing Aid Compatible
  • Reliable & Trusted Equipment
  • Unobtrusive Installation
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Disabled Toilet Alarms

EDS Disabled Persons Toilet Alarm system includes everything required for a BS8300 clause compliant emergency assistance alarm.

Attractively designed, easy to install and simple to use, it allows a distressed person to raise an alarm in the event of an emergency. To operate, the user simply pulls the cord of a ceiling pull unit to activate a light and sounder outside the WC.


  • Tried & Trusted Disabled Alarm
  • Simple To Use
  • Overdoor Light
  • Light & Sounder Operation
  • Mute & Reset Buttons
  • Remote Indication
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